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What we offer

We are a Canadian-based company that provides resources to aid the process of obtaining informed consent for surgical procedures. Our library of products are tailored to provide information that makes the operative consent process clearer and easier for both patients and surgeons.

Accurate medical information

Our team of doctors and editors have written up-to-date information about medical conditions and the procedures used to treat them

Informed Patients

Our leaflets present a simple explanation on why procedures are necessary

Enhance your relationship with your patients

Build patient trust by saving them the hassle of misinformation

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In addition to accessing your informational leaflets on our website, you could also access the leaflets on-the-go through our apps available on iOS and Android.

Editorial Board

Dr Lauren O'Malley

Staff Surgeon

Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Alliston

Dr Ralph George

Medical Director, CIBC Breast Centre

St Michael's Hospital, Toronto

Dr Bharat Sharma

Staff Colorectal Surgeon,

Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie

Dr Mohammed Keshoofy

Staff Surgeon

Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Alliston

Dr Samuel Ogunbiyi

Staff Surgeon

Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Alliston

Jesh Health is currently in use by Surgeons in Ontario, Canada

Content Library

View Sample of Breast Lumpectomy

Breast Lumpectomy & Sentinel Node Biopsy


Laparoscopic Appendectomy

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy


Mastectomy & Sentinel Node Biopsy

Open Inguinal Hernia Repair

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Our Story

Dr. Samuel Ogunbiyi


Hi, I'm Dr. Samuel Ogunbiyi, (MB;BS, FRCSC), Staff Surgeon, Stevenson Memorial Hospital, Alliston. The idea for Jesh Health came to me while I was on holiday. It was born out of a dissatisfaction with what pertained in my own clinical practice. I had come to the realization of the growing need for more accurate, concise patient-centred information in my own clinical practice in South Simcoe, Canada. Office consultations and On-call ward rounds were full of questions about forthcoming surgical procedures, and what was apparent was that patients were obviously spending a considerable amount of time looking through the internet in the run up to their office appointment with me. A few months earlier, I had spent a week looking through the internet, especially at YouTube videos, to figure out where their source of information was. I realised that there was a whole big industry out there on the internet, providing my patients with information, that was to a large extent, not accurate, but very appealing.

Most of the information providers were not medical doctors, and some of the videos were frankly shocking as the providers came up with interesting arguments to sell their products at the end of the video. It was amidst this that the idea for Jesh Health came to me. I decided that I needed to provide more education to my patients on what their forthcoming surgery entailed. I also felt that that would ensure that the information they got was useful, accurate and tailored to their needs.

With this in mind, I spoke to my brother, Tobi, a Software Engineer, with an extensive background in Web Technologies and start-up companies. From our conversations emerged a framework and shape of what would later form Jesh Health. We spent considerable time looking at similar patient information companies in other parts of the world, and concluded we required a start-up that was Canadian and tailored to patients receiving healthcare in Canada!

We hope that you find the healthcare products offered by Jesh Health informative, concise and useful to both practicing clinicians and patients. We also welcome feedback from clinicians and patients alike, as our desire is to meet your needs when it comes to health information.

Members of the Team

Tobi Ogunbiyi


Tobi is a Software Engineering Leader that is passionate about building ideas into products that make a difference. He has a background in starting his own company, and has since moved on to build products that millions of customers use at FreshBooks and Open Care. He studied Computer Science at the University of Toronto. He loves skiing in the winter and biking in the summer.

Aazad Abbas

Medical Content Writer & Designer

Having a strong interest in science and engineering, Aazad completed his undergraduate studies in physics-mathematics at The University of Ottawa. Currently pursuing his MD at The University of Toronto, he has a passion for bridging the gap between healthcare, technology, and innovation to improve the future of clinical practice. He likes to workout in his free time, with his most recent challenge learning Brazilian Jiujitsu.

Ally Carruthers

Operations Manager

Ally is a phenomenal addition to Jesh health! She has taken on the role of ‘Operations Manager’, and brings a fresh and strong business perspective, in addition to a powerful ‘can-do’ work ethic. With a background in hospital administration and family medicine administration, she is excited and anticipates moving the business plans forward over the next few years. She enjoys snowboarding in the winter and swimming in the summer.